Introducing the BB3 -

Special Offer

To mark the introduction of the latest addition to our Black Box audio interface range, the BB3 Telephone Balancing Unit, we are giving away a free Lumion PHONE indicator with the first 50 orders. 

BB3 is a high quality low cost telephone balancing unit incorporating some very useful and innovative features – normally only found in very expensive units.

The BB3 provides the interface between an analog telephone line and broadcast mixer, and in the case of the BB3, optionally to a mobile phone, ideal for applications where fixed lines are not available.

The BB3 incorporates a ring detector with front panel indicator and an output to drive an external display (such as the Lumion), and the call can be diverted from a handset to the mixer either from the local button or remotely from the mixer, typically under fader control.

With balanced audio inputs and outputs, and carefully optimized automatic gain controls, the BB3 is perfect for use with any mixing console which can generate a cleanfeed, and is powered from a plug-top power supply, which can drive two units.

For the first 50 customers we are pleased to offer the BB3, with power supply and Lumion PHONE indicator for just £348 (plus VAT and carriage) - a very cost-effective method of putting your callers to air. To take advantage of this offer please email

Working with Partners

Accross the World


Throughout the past twelve months we have been very busy working with our Indian partners to supply and install broadcast equipment to a growing number of Indian broadcast organizations.

Clyde’s Synergy partner, HCL Infosystems - part of the powerful pan-Indian HCL Group, have installed several Synergy systems into the commercial, educational and state radio sectors, and through broadcast consultants Big River Radio we have completed turnkey installations for Chinar Circuits in their Siliguri and Ganktok locations, and for the Muthoot Group at Chennai Live – one of Chennai’s leading new FM stations.

Synergy is particularly suited to emerging FM markets, where its intuitive interface and ease of use make it the ideal choice for organisations new to broadcasting.

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Disaster Recovery -

What is your plan?

Disasters can strike at any time, and generally they are totally outside of our control. The picture (Above) shows a recent disaster which struck us here in one of our production studios in Clydebank.

Thanks to a combination of excessive rainfall and a dead bird (feathered variety), several gallons of water found there way into a control room, instead of via a down pipe –  with pretty catastrophic results!

Fortunately this was not a mission-critical facility, and no airtime was lost, but it is easy to imagine how such a disaster could turn into a tragedy.

Whilst many stations have standby studios, there can be several scenarios which could take a complete station out.  Recent work in this area with a couple of major station groups in the UK has given us some invaluable insight into just what could go wrong, some of it pretty scary!

If you’d like to discuss your disaster recovery plans with us, please call, on 0141 270 5055, or e-mail to