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Clyde Broadcast studio acoustics

Why do some stations sound better than others?

In the highly competitive radio industry, producing the best sound is vital to battling your competitors. There are many stations across Africa today whose sound is exceptionally crisp and clear.

How they ensure this is much easier and cheaper than you think…

Clyde Broadcast are lucky to work with a number of stations, local partners and government officials. When they approach Clyde, we offer consultation and advice on improving their sound affordably.

However, other manufacturers and system integrators often promote just their newest top-range studio equipment. This leads broadcasters to believe that spending a fortune will automatically make their station sound as good as the top radio station in their region.

Countless radio stations ignore this one practice that will vastly improve your sound – costing much, much less.

Acoustic sound proofing

Clyde Broadcast are the manufacturers of ‘CATS panels’ which limits the reverberation significantly in almost any room i.e, your studios.

Acoustic panels Clyde  A studio treated with CATS panels produces a sound with considerable more clarity than studios without.

With outstanding absorption characteristics across the ‘voice-band’ (300Hz-3.5kHz), the CATS panels (Clyde Acoustic Treatment System) are the most recommended acoustic sound proofing solution by broadcast engineers.

For some of our clients, studio acoustics are not only a luxury, but a necessity.

WeFM in Abuja is located under an airplane flight-path. One of their studio walls is a building exterior. With no acoustic panels, they would risk losing the enhanced sound of their output to ‘outside noise’. With panels, they now sound clear and professional, and their audience cannot detect the noise from the jets above. Other stations are located on a busy road. In cases like these, Clyde engineers will sometimes recommend installing a ‘Quiet Zone booth’: our fully modular solution with the most acoustic protection possible. Find out more by clicking here.

As the cost to install is so low, it is an investment that should not be missed. For more information, reply here or visit

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