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Maintaining your PCs

Five Top Tips – Maintaining Your PCs

Just as you would not expect to drive a car year on year without routine maintenance, the same applies to your PCs, often at the very heart of your business. Here are the 5 Top Tips from Clyde Broadcast engineers on maintaining your PCs.
  1. Ensure your computers are kept up to date – Windows and your browser should be kept up to date. Java also needs regular updates, as does Adobe Flash (most of these updates are to stop viruses).
  2. Don’t sit computers on carpets, as the fibres get sucked in and block the cooling systems.
  3. Consider running a cleanup program from time to time. Third party ones are useful (CCleaner is a very handy and recommended tool).
  4. Where possible, do not install add-on toolbars. They will sneak their way into the system with Java updates and such. Always ensure you ‘deselect’ them during the update processes.
  5. Uninstall old programs you don’t use.

And a bonus tip:

If you don’t have a resident engineer or contracted IT support, nominate someone on your staff to take responsibility for routine checks as outlined above.

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