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Five Top Tips – Getting the Best from your Monitor Speakers

While less important in an On-Air studio, in a Production environment it is vital to have monitor speakers which accurately convert the input electrical signal into acoustic energy.
  1. The ideal listening arrangement is when the speakers and listener form an equilateral triangle.
  2. Make sure that the power output of the amplifier does not exceed the power handling of the speakers. This is to avoid distortion and protect them from damage.
  3. Active monitor speakers (with built-in amplifiers) are likely to give the optimum match between amplifier and speakers.
  4. It is worth spending more money on speakers in the production studio than in the on-air studio. Here, the speakers are used more as a confidence check.
  5. If the speakers are mounted on the same surface as microphones, ensure that both speakers and microphone are ‘decoupled’ to prevent mechanical pick-up of sounds transmitted via the furniture.

And a bonus tip:

In many countries Health and Safety legislation requires that the maximum sound level that listeners be exposed to is controlled. Check you are not breaching the rules by allowing the speaker volume to be too high.

Clyde Broadcast are worldwide experts in the design, specification and installation of radio studios. Our engineers consult with broadcasters every day helping them to improve their radio projects. If there is anything Clyde can assist you with, please contact us here.

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