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It is So Easy Radio

Friday, February 25th, 2011

So Easy Radio PackagesNew from Clyde Broadcast for 2011 are our SO EASY RADIO range of low cost  studio packages.

Based around Clyde’s OctoMix professional broadcast mixer, with an industrial PC running

S-Radio, a suite of integrated broadcast software tools, these packages contain all you need to produce programs and broadcast in both Live Assist and Automated modes.

The Octomix Professional Broadcast Mixer is simple, easy to use and, comes with a 5 year warranty and redundant power supply, and is extremely robust.

The  S-Radio Broadcast Software Suite includes   On-Air, Production and Scheduling tools. This gives you total control over your station output with the minimum of fuss.

As you would expect from Clyde, we have designed in something a little bit special and the package includes an innovative interface to the mixer, providing intelligent remote starts and auto-monitor switching when previewing or cueing a track – functions normally associated with highly advanced (and expensive)  systems.

The packages include furniture, speakers, CD player, microphones, stands, indicators, instructions and headphones, with optional phone-in  package.

With all this and package prices from £5,000-£9,000 radio has never been SO EASY!

Radio Station Packages

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

Radio Studio PackageIf there is one question that we get asked by new customers more than any other it must be

‘How much does a radio station cost?’

With all the different station designs that we’ve been involved with over the years that really is an impossible question.

But we are not shy of a challenge at Clyde so have produced a range of station designs and transmitter packages that will accommodate the majority of broadcast projects from internet broadcasters through to large commercial or state broadcasters.

Each station is based on the Synergy Digital Broadcast Centre which has proven so successful or the Hybrid S0 EASY RADIO System for lower budget projects for whom the benefits of digital systems are less pressing that budget constraints.

All the systems are available as turn-key projects with all aspects of the radio studio environment, central technical area, acoustics and transmission systems included.

So next time you want to know how much a radio station costs give us a call and we’ll answer the impossible question.