Radio Gold, Accra, Ghana

Case study – Radio Gold, Ghana

Digital Upgrade for Radio Gold

Radio-Gold-LogoRadio Gold is one of the largest private radio stations in Accra, Ghana. With failing analog systems the company identified the need to completely refurbish their technology from studios to transmitters.

As the station was live, it was very important that the technology change went smoothly so as not to affect output and also that the new system training was effective and the staff confident and ready to go on-air straight away.

The Clyde team worked with station management and local architect to create custom furniture designs and layouts to meet space restrictions and deliver the technical requirements. A training program for each department was put together so Presenters, Producers, the Traffic team and management all had tailored information for their role.

Station Components

  • Two On-Air/ Production Studios
  • Four person Talks Studio
  • Central Technical Area
  • FM Transmitters with Antenna and Power Systems

Studio Systems

  • Synergy Integrated Broadcast Centre
  • Comrex Stac Phone-in System
  • Natlog Traffic Software
  • CATS Acoustic Treatment
  • Clyde ARCS Router

Transmission System

  • 5kW Transmitter System, Elenos ETG5000
  • 6 bay antenna system
  • Power Systems – UPS, AVR, Gestitel Lighting Protection

The newly revamped station facilities went On-Air on-time and in-budget. The new technology proved so successful that when Radio Gold were granted a license for a second service Clyde were asked to provide the additional equipment. Thanks to the flexibility of the Clyde ARCS router the additional service could be added with a minimum of hassle with the original back-up studio now working across both services.