Radio Maisha, Kenya, Nairobi

Case study – Radio Maisha


Radio Maisha is part of ‘The Standard Group’, a Kenyan multi-media business owning “The Standard” newspaper, KTN TV, The County Weekly, Think Outdoor Media, Standard Online and PDS. With the launch of Radio Maisha in 2010 the group’s aim was to create another iconic brand to match their newspaper and TV counterparts, so expectations were set appropriately high.

The radio station was to have its base at the group’s new multi-million dollar HQ outside the city on the Mombasa Road, but there was some concern about losing the buzz of a city centre presence.

A design was created that would split the radio facilities across two locations. This was achieved using a pair of studios located on the 19th floor of the IM building, in the city center,  with another pair located in Mombasa Road, some 5km away. The sites were linked with a custom configured high speed data/audio link to allow all studios to work seamlessly back and forth.

Each site has broadcast, production and newsroom facilities, and can operate independently or as a complete system, with all facilities having access to shared content, which is stored on servers in both locations, for security reasons.

CTA facilities also exist in each location, though these are joined ‘virtually’ across the link system.

The noise and vibration generated by the newspaper printing presses presented a challenge for the acoustic properties of a traditional studio build, so high spec pre-fabricated studio cabins were brought in and assembled on site. 

Station Components

  • Two On-Air/ Production studios
  • Two Production Studios
  • Nine newsroom workstations
  • Three prefabricated studio cabins

Studio Systems

  • Axia Element Control Surfaces
  • Axia Livewire Network
  • Myriad Playout & Automation System
  • High-speed microwave data and audio links