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Radio In Education

There has always been a role for radio broadcasting within the creation and distribution of educational material. This can come in the form of school radio programmes, media training or distance learning courses.

Universities & Colleges

With the increase in global communications, across the world we have found an ever growing need to deliver courses in radio, media, journalism and related topics. Having a fully functioning radio studio and associated workstations allows your students to learn and refine their skills with equipment used in some of the worlds biggest radio stations.

Primary & Secondary schools

Having radio equipment in a school can aid both core and extra curriculum activities in schools to complement traditional teaching methods in a fun and interactive manner; developing softer skills such as communication, encouraging team work, building confidence and raising attainment.

How can we help?

Clyde Broadcast have a great deal of experience in the education sector. We have, alongside our education brand Synergy School Radio, set-up over 400 school radio stations and over 30 colleges and universities world-wide in support of media-based experience programs for use in core-curricular studies and radio clubs. We also run a broadcasting training academy at our head office in the UK.

Our trainers come from a media and education background and alongside current teaching professionals we have prepared equipment packages and supporting materials to assist with the creation and delivery of educational content.

In a teaching environment, the way equipment is used and the need for group participation differs from a broadcasting situation – our latest Synergy software is built with the requirements of education at its core.

Clyde Broadcast specialises in school radio

For more information on school radio visit our dedicated website Synergy School Radio or follow us on our Synergy School Radio Twitter page.



Alternatively, we would be delighted to have a specialist from our team discuss how we have helped install radio for schools and what we can do for your educational facility. Call us on +44 (0) 141 270 5050 or contact us.