Our Packages & Products

A Focus On Your Radio Station

We provide the equipment that allows a successful radio station to broadcast. Our engineers have 35+ years’ experience creating packages of equipment to sell to clients, and now we have the perfect solution. See our Synergy and So Easy Radio brochures to the right.

We don’t just sell mixers and microphones. We supply your on air, advert management and compliance logging software, acoustic treatment and modular studios that make your station sound great as well as state of the art transmission systems to distribute your message.

Radio Studio Equipment

As well as manufacturing a wide range of broadcast equipment ourselves, we have access to equipment from other manufacturers. Clyde Broadcast can supplement our equipment with that from other leading manufacturers to ensure you’ll always have the right equipment in your studio.

In all cases, Clyde takes full responsibility for delivering complete working systems.

Why Radio Studio Packages?

We are asked every day, “What do I need to start/upgrade my radio station?”. We created our radio studio and station packages in response to customer requests, particularly those new to broadcasting who wanted to ensure that they were purchasing a complete system with compatible equipment that worked together seamlessly.

The main advantages of the package approach are:

  • All equipment is guaranteed, by the manufacturer, to be fully compatible
  • The individual items of equipment will function together seamlessly
  • Your package will contain everything required for an operational studio/station
  • Consultation, purchasing, delivery and installation are handled by one company
  • There is a single point of contact for installation, training and support for everything



We would be delighted to have a specialist from our team discuss how we can help. Just phone +44 (0) 141 270 5050 or contact us.