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We can provide all of the facilities for a radio station from power conditioning to outside broadcasting equipment…


Equipment Ranges & Brochures

Click the links below for more detail on the individual facilities on offer:

As well as manufacturing a wide range of broadcast audio products ourselves, which we combine into complete ‘packages’, we have access to equipment from other leading manufacturers which we use if our own equipment is not the most suitable fit or for customers who have specific preferences.

In all cases we take full responsibility for delivering working systems.

To discuss your requirements for any of this equipment please contact our Sales Office

Why Packages?

We created our radio studio and station packages in response to customer requests, particularly those new to broadcasting, who wanted to make sure that they were purchasing a complete system with compatible equipment that worked together as a system.

The main advantages of the package approach are:

  • All equipment is guaranteed to be fully compatible
  • The individual items of equipment will function as a system
  • The package will contain everything required for an operational studio/station
  • Purchasing and delivery logistics are considerably simplified
  • There is a single point of contact for installation, training AND support

Our main studio and station packages are called Synergy and So Easy Radio.  You can download brochures on each by clicking the links below:

We can also break down these packages into single studio and combination studio packages if this suits your needs better.

More details about these packages along with downloadable flyers can be found on the Synergy and So Easy Radio pages.




We can organise a free, no obligation discussion with a specialist from our team to explain how we can help you. Just phone +44 (0) 141 270 5050 or submit your contact details here: