Training and Support

Existing Customer Support

If you are an existing customer and require support, visit

Clyde Broadcast provide support to its customers for the lifetime of their equipment. Our experienced engineers around the world are available to diagnose your fault and offer a solution.


Ongoing Support

Even if you have experienced and capable technical staff in-house, there are likely to be instances when they require support from the manufacturer. This could be when something goes wrong or behaves differently than expected, or when you want to do something new.

In complex systems, it can be difficult to know who to turn to when something goes wrong. Clyde Broadcast take responsibility for helping you diagnose where the fault lies. Our Synergy technology allows you to grant access to our support engineer remotely and rapidly identify the nature and source of faults.

If you don’t have competent technical staff, and access to specialist test equipment, we can become your virtual partner. We can arrange a tailored support contract to meet your needs. Support contracts also give you access to our comprehensive Customer Support Website, which includes useful information about routine preventative maintenance which your own staff will be able to undertake.



To get the most from your investment in the equipment, it is important that your staff know how to use it properly, and can get the most from it.

Typically, with hi-tech equipment and systems, only a fraction of the potential is ever used, which is a great waste.

Clyde Broadcast offers three types ‘how to…’ training:

  • Use the equipment
  • Maintain the equipment
  • Create radio programs – which may be useful for new-start broadcasters who do not have experienced staff.

Training can either be in the UK as part of an equipment acceptance visit or on-site which usually occurs post-installation. In most instances training package are customised to meet individual customer needs, depending on their experience and expertise.

Don’t forget to protect your valuable investment!


We are happy to discuss your training requirements. Call us on +44 (0) 141 270 5050 or contact us. For existing customer support, please contact us here.