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So Easy Radio Premium Package

So Easy Radio Premium Package


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Totally integrated ‘plug’n’play’ radio studio packages based around OctoMix, a professional broadcast mixer which features the minimum of operational controls yet incorporates advanced and intuitive features to appeal to novice and experienced broadcasters alike. 


This package includes three mics, a single CD player and a telephone balancing unit which allows broadcast of live phone-in contributions.

It includes S-Radio – a derivative of Clyde’s internationally acclaimed Synergy Broadcast Software. This is bundled with two Clyde dual channel professional soundcards, for installation in a customer-supplied PC.

S-Radio contains record, edit, production and scheduling tools, as well as both Live Assist and Automated broadcast tools. Playback is usually across three or four faders, two for ‘playlists’ (programs scheduled in advance), and one or two for ‘carts’ or ‘sound bites’ – which are typically sound effects, stings, station id’s, advertisements or news breaks.

All packages are supplied with ergonomic custom technical furniture, pre-wired cable looms and an extremely comprehensive installation guide which, together with Clyde’s remote installation support (which continues for 12 months after shipment) will ensure a quick, successful and professional installation even by those with no technical expertise.

In addition and exclusive to this package, it includes a PC, with S-Radio software and two pro soundcards preinstalled, plus a 22” Touchscreen and under the table mounting bracket for the PC.

So Easy Radio Premium Package Technical data

  • Professional Broadcast Mixer
  • Pro CD Player with remote control from mixer
  • Active Studio Monitor Speakers (pair) with table top stands
  • Presenter’s Microphone with anglepoise arm and headphones
  • Guest Mic with table top stand and headphones
  • Telephone Balancing Unit and handset
  • Telephone Handset
  • Mic Live indicators
  • S-Radio software suite
  • Dual-channel pro soundcards for PC
  • PC + Touchscreen (inc. installation of s/cards + s/ware if purchased)
  • Mains Distribution
  • Audio Distribution Amplifier
  • Custom technical furniture including desktop equipment cabinet
  • Wiring Loom
  • Comprehensive installation guide
  • Export packing case