State Broadcasters

State broadcasting clients include:

  • Voice of Nigeria
  • Cameroon Radio Television
  • BBC Wales
  • Radio Nigeria

The Challenge

One of the major challenges facing any state broadcasting corporation is the migration from analog to digital based studio technology across several locations:

Issues can include:

  • Selection of the most appropriate technology
  • Understanding the inevitable changes in workflow
  • Getting staff buy-in
  • Deciding project scale, phasing and resource requirements
  • Understanding the real costs
  • Staying on-air with minimum interruption as new facilities come on line
  • Training staff to set-up, operate and maintain the new equipment and systems
  • Maximising return on investment


How can we help?

Over the past few years, we have worked with state broadcasters worldwide helping them migrate from analog to digital technology. 

Based on this practical experience, we have created a fast-track process beginning with in-depth discussions with key stake-holders, followed by requirements specification, tendering and, if required, actual implementation.

We have also developed some innovative new products which considerably reduce costs, installation time, set-up and operational training requirements.

You may also be interested in reading more about our innovative digital radio studio packages which are ideal for State Broadcasters.



We would be delighted to have a specialist from our team discuss how we have helped other state broadcasters, Call +44 (0) 141 270 5050 or contact us.